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ESCO - Fofonjka d.o.o. - Bjelovar

The most important company results:
1. Adopting of production technology for spiral springs for dynamos and starters at semiautomatic devices of our own construction. This created the initial company capital in the amount of 20.000 DM (German Marks).
2. Adopting of our own production technology for vacuum cleaners and safety belt springs (“power springs”).
3. Adopting of our own production technology for double-torsion springs.
4. Penetrating the EU market of two-armed springs.
5. Adopting of our own production technology for car industry springs and penetrating the European car industry market.
6. Adopting ISO 9001, IATF 16949, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 Standards.


Development history:

1968. additional activity founded, where the founders were Fofonjka brothers. Spiral springs for dynamos and starters at semiautomatic devices production started.
1970. Spring production business started with the initial capital in the amount of 20.000 German Marks. The first automatic machine for springs production “Schenker FA-6S” was bought.
1973. The growth rate in the first 3 years - 100%.
1978. The new “Bending” automatic machine “Koradi BA-2” was bought. The programme was expanded to more complex wire and strip products
1980. The production premises in Končareva Street in Bjelovar enlarged into 400 m2 . 15 employees.
1985. Our own production technology for vacuum cleaners and safety belt springs (“power springs”) adopted.
1988. Production technology for double-torsion springs adopted.
1991. Moving into a new production hall/plant with the surface of 1500 m2 in Bilogorska Street. The war started in Croatia, which caused loosing of former Yugoslavian market, and the production was decreased by 40% in comparison with the pre-war production. The European marked became our orientation.
1993. The production technology of magazine springs adopted.
1994. A new CNC machine for springs - “MULTI FORMING” was bought.
1996. The tool production modernization by CNC machines.
1997. Conquering of the European market of double-torsion springs. The company employed 35 people, and the growth rate was 11%. The new era in “Bending” technique started.
1998. Penetrating the Italian market of double-torsion springs. 53 people employed. The growth rate 45%.
1999. Penetrating the automobile industry of Europe. Adopting ISO 9001 Standard. 60 employees.
2000. The growth rate 50%. Efficiency incresed by 32,1%. 73 employees.

According to the production programme and the largeness we represent the most important producer of springs in Croatia. The average largeness in the springs production is 35 employees, where 118 employees in our company represent a good basis for expenses optimizing.

Our high qualification structure, high-quality personnel choice, systematic education and high technology give an advantage in favour of our company. An important step must be made in the organization of our company, which, due to a high growth rate (an average of 50% in 2000) is not adequate any more. Taking this into account, the important progress was made by adopting of ISO 9001 Standard.

In the production of double-torsion springs and springs for the automobile industry we cover 30% of EU market. Within the next 5 years we shall increase our market presence by 50%.

Used machines for sale

We offer a wide range of used machinery for the manufacture of various types of springs, profiles etc.



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